Val Hill is an eclectic and versatile composer, songwriter, a multi-instrumentalist producer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA 
Born in Minsk, Belarus, Val began his music experience at the age of 6 playing drums with a wedding band who had recently lost their drummer. Standing beside the unused drums, Val picked up the sticks and began playing a beat. After several minutes of "correcting instructions" from the band leader, Val was playing and people were loving it. 

This led him to attending the music school a year later and by the age of 14, Val was a skilled classical pianist and guitarist and graduated with top marks. During this time Val had already started composing as well as playing in local bands. His musical journey was well underway, traveling through rock, jazz, rhythm & blues, soul, funk to disco house and electronica. 
Val also began a strong interest in film music in his youth as soon as he was exposed to the cinema, mainly Italian. The music of Ennio Morricone, Bruno Nicolai, Stelvio Cipriani and François de Roubaix along with many others, taught him much, perhaps more, about musical and thematic stylings than his time spent in music school. 
Moving to LA as an adult, Val continued creating music mostly for singers, theater, and student films. Learning to be a keen observer as well as a skilled listener, he was able to communicate the needs of the director/client and provide scores which effectively weave and underscore the project matter, be it film, theatre, or dance. Val's total enjoyment of music has given him the flexibility to cross a wide variety of music styles, from classical to dance, and all with an unique sound. 
Working in his own music studio, Val is able to masterfully utilize the latest technology in not only composing, but producing his work. The innate flexibility he learned in youth has allowed him to create different styles and meet the requirements of his clients. This variety comes from his passion for music and sound.